Devotional Book for Nurses

We invite all nurses to submit their articles regarding  their experiences during their hospital duties or any related incidents or accounts that may be taken as an inspiration to other nurses. Limit your words to 300-400 maximum. Upon submission, we will inform you if your article will be published online or in the forthcoming printing of the devotional book.

Our contributors may or may not be currently working in the hospital. Others may be in different fields, but their articles are most welcome, also. Nursing students are encouraged to contribute, as well.

Send your unpublished article to:, together with your brief biography and  contact details.

  1. it’s great cause of helping other…
    asan ba base ng group?
    i like to join…

  2. Wonderful ministry


    great service…i would love to organize one in baguio city with my friends and relatives…we are a family of nurses..ty for being an inspiration…will you be able to assist us to start one..

  4. Von Carlo L. Hechanova

    Hello Maam Marissa we are happy to hear from you. We will be in Baguio on May 5th. I do not know how we can start in there but by God’s grace we will. Maybe be could talk over dinner? ^^ Hope to hear from you.

  5. Von Carlo L. Hechanova

    Dear Cherry, we are based in Palawan. But we have satellite projects across the Philippines ^^

  6. Helen Rose Pueblo

    saan ba location ng satellite nyo here in mindanao?

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