Mission Field. For one year and longer, nurse volunteers will be immersed in the selected community and work with the locales to conduct various activities and projects to maintain and support their health, physical and spiritual well being. Currently, the project site is Brooke’s Point, Palawan, Philippines.

Heartbeat Devotional This project is currently on its way. The Heartbeat Devotional is a 366- day devotional book by nurses made available for everyone. The proceeds will go to colleges and universities to be used to fund projects and provide sponsorships. Also apart of this program is the Heartbeat Newsletter. Activities include writing seminars, recruitment of members, solicitation of articles for Heartbeat devotional,  music symposia, organization and conducting of youth revivals, film showing, promotion of GMMN, affiliation with other organization, leading church services, courtesy calls to mission and conferences etc. 2009 travels. Jan. 17 CPAC, Jan. 18 Departure for Manila, Jan. 19 Cagayan Valley Sanitarium & Hospital, Jan. 20-21 NLAC, Jan. 22 MAMC, Jan. 23 MAMC College, AUP, Jan. 24 AUP/PIC, Jan. 25 SSD, AIAS, Feb. 02 HW Millers Sanitarium & Hospital, Feb. 03 SPUC,  Feb. 4 Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital, Gingoog SDA, Feb. 05 Gingoog Sanitarium, Camiguin, Feb. 6 MVC, Feb. 7 MVC Annex, Feb. 08 MVC, Feb. 9 SPAC, Feb. 10 Davao Adventist Hospital, Feb. 11 Davao Mission, Adam’s Church.

Extras Matter Relief & Aide Extras Matter is a program that centers on what Christ taught His disciples: what ever your do to the least of your brethren you are doing it to Me. It is a charity program that lets those who are fortunate enough to extend their help by donating extra clothes, shoes, books, school supplies, trousers, shorts, pants, even foods and the like to be extended to prisoners, orphans, street kids, and provide aide to typhoon, flood, landslide victims and the like.

Orphans and Street Kids A program designed to reach out to children in orphanages and the streets. Its activities revolve around Branch Sabbath School programs, feeding programs, sharing of learning materials and on good manners and right conduct. This program also is in congruence with Extras Matter Relief & Aide where in school supplies will be provided to orphans to aide in learning. Future projects include establishing a foundation for street kids.

Seek Anonymous is an online counseling program managed by a team of web designers, psychologist with Master’s Degree on counseling and pastors. This team of experts on guidance will provide advices and options both on a psychologist’s perspective on behavioral modification and a pastor’s view on moral-spiritual truths. This online counseling also provides a chat room and forum where in topics about sexuality, spirituality, family squabbles and the like can be easily discussed.

Youth Enrichment and Outreach Program. A diverse youth revival activity created especially for reviving our young people in these last days. GMMN endeavors to hold congress, assemblies, revivals, group dynamics and the like geared towards preparing our young people for heaven.

Concert for a Cause (Pag-Amba) Translated in Hiligaynon, “pag-amba” means to sing, another program that involves Singing Bands that visit local hospitals and concerts that reaches out to local churches. Also a part of this program is the development of young musical minds for use in Church Services and the ministry by conducting lessons on music to those interested at Bacolod City. 2009 Activities: Feb. 28- Paglaum SDA, Mar. 7- BM SDA, Mar. 14 Hinigaran SDA, Mar. 21- Magallon SDA, Mar. 28 BCC, Apr. 3-4 Dumaguete SDA Churches Apr. 11- Villamonte SDA Church, Apr. 18- La Carlota Uriarte SDA, Apr. 25 Bakyas SDA Church, May 31- BCC Basic Music Summer Workshop.


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