Barry Tabo Habla

Church  youth leader, sports-minded, computer games fanatic, poem writer,  and  music lover – that was Barry T. Habla. He was born on May 14, 1988 in Makati City to Bartolome Habla and Lydia Tabo Habla.  He finished his elementary education in Philippine Christian University (PCU), his secondary education in Araullo High School, and finished his BS Nursing Course at Manila Adventist College on April 2009. He is the second eldest among the four siblings. Living in a simple family, Barry  wants to finish his studies to help his two sisters to graduate. His father was an electrician, and real state agent, while his mother was just a simple housewife. With a simple life that he has, he didn’t forget to kneel and pray to God to help him in his daily activities.

His brother Worthy is working as a speech therapist. His brother is the one who supports his financial needs in school, while his father is the one supporting his two sisters in school. Barry knows every sport but only plays some of it, like bowling, chess, billiards, badminton, basketball, and volleyball.

After he passed the board exam, the new chapter of his life was just about to begin; becoming one of the unemployed was taking part in the life of Barry. But he remembered  that  someone offered him to become a Missionary Nurse.  He  tried to communicate to Harthwell Capistrano the one who offered Barry to become a Missionary Nurse. With that offer Barry will be facing  the greatest challenge in his life. The challenge he will be facing was reaching out people in the community, to rendering health care and to improve people’s health in the community. A challenge that will make Barry a  better person and nurse in his entire life that only God can make the calling to him.

Barry is assigned in Roxas, Palawan together with Klynt Joel Asumbrado.


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