Online Administrator



JOB TITLE Online Administration Officer


REPORTS TO Chief Operations Officer/Corporate Secretary


WORKS WITH Media Relations Officer

Marketing and Program Development Officer

Project Coordinator, Mission Field

Project Team Members and Staff




Mass Communications graduate is essential, but not required

Computer literate

Good in verbal and written communications

Preferably with knowledge in Web design, CSS, HTML, etc.

Knows how to use Google platform administration

SEO and e-commerce skills are essential, but not required

Access to Internet 24/7

Knowledge in Outlook, IMAP/POP


DESCRIPTION OF ROLE          The Online Administration Officer is responsible in maintaining online accounts of GMMN, to include but not limited to e-mail accounts, social networking accounts and other pertinent online accounts, and properly addresses to inquiries, applications, and concerns, and relay them to proper officers or personnel, if needed.



  • Records all inquiries and online correspondences.
  • Makes sure that all news, articles and updates being posted online have been verified, true and correct.



  • Maintains the website, its contents and technical aspects.
  • If required, communicates regularly with the nurses on site, project coordinator, operations officer and chief executive officer for project updates and progress.
  • Posts news reports, articles, updates on the official website and social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).
  • Promotes GMMN through visitations, regular consults and networking with other organizations for partnerships and collaborations.
  • Maintains an official e-mail account:


Customer Service

  • Sends newsletter by print and email to the project partners, sponsors, donors and others.
  • Ensures communication with the site nurses, and the members in the project team.
  • Ensures regular communication with the project partner, sponsors, donors and others through SMS, calls, e-mails, and other possible ways and means.
  • Maintains utmost care and consideration to the clients, project beneficiaries, patients, and others, in dealing with their concerns, especially to their health needs.


Quality Management

  • Making sure that all queries and concerns sent online are being well addressed in an appropriate timely manner.
  • May conduct training and alike with regards to promotions and presentations regarding GMMN.
  • Participates in quality control and evaluation when needed.


  1. I am interested in helping you, but I’m not sure how you apply for the position of online administrator. Let me know if I can help. God bless.
    Mary Jo

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