Marketing and Program Development Officer



JOB TITLE Marketing and Program Development Officer


REPORTS TO Chief Finance Officer/Chief Operations Officer/Chief Executive Officer


WORKS WITH Media Relations Officer

Online Administration Officer

Project Coordinator, Mission Field

Project Team Members and Staff




Business Administration graduate is essential, but not required

Highly skilled in verbal and written communications

Knowledge and skills in marketing

Knowledge and skills in program innovations

Knowledge and skills in business research and development


DESCRIPTION OF ROLE          The Marketing and Program Development Officer accounts to maintain the non-stock business atmosphere of GMMN, develop strategies in order to boost its operational structure, and gains thrust in aiming and reaching the Organizational goals and missions through different income generating projects, businesses and other sources of income and funds.


The Marketing and Program Development Officer accounts to develop innovations through programs and business models that will enhance the financial backbone of the Organization.



  • Records all financial projections, short term and long term program goals and plans and present them for proper deliberation, planning and approval.
  • Develop, strengthen and or leverage partnerships with the community and government agencies, institutions of higher education, community leaders, other nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, and other stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement fund development plan to increase earned and contributed revenue in order to maintain excellence in programs, community outreach, health assistance and organizational infrastructure.


  • Assess potential of identifying individual major donors and sponsors to support GMMN’s work and develop a plan to solicit their support.
  • Expand growing donor base through creative small events and effective communications outreach including the annual giving campaign, e-newsletter submissions, website submissions, annual appeal, special campaign, etc.
  • Develop, write and edit letters of inquiry, proposals, reports, and other materials for foundation, government agencies, unions and other potential funders


Customer Service

  • Assist with strategic planning to build stronger alliance and movement.
  • Sends newsletter by print and email to the project partners, sponsors, donors and others.
  • Maintains utmost care and consideration to the clients, project beneficiaries, patients, and others, in dealing with their concerns, especially to their health needs.


Quality Management

  • Making sure that financial work plans are being implemented as planned.
  • May participate in quality control and evaluation when required.
  • May conduct training and alike with regards to promotions and presentations regarding GMMN.
  • Participates in quality control and evaluation when needed.


  1. Ricky V. Lesterio

    I want to be part of this program. I have a farm a great plans in this area to put up a substantial resources in stake. Please advise my email add or call 09188015193.

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