While the busy streets of the urban life envelope our eyes, we might forget the life in the rural, more so in far-flung areas where assistance on health, education, physical and spiritual needs have never reached. There are children who are unschooled, malnourished, and sadly, underdeveloped. This is probably due to lack of resources for them to utilize.

For many years, various independent missionary groups have scoured the mountains. Many even spared their blood just to carry out their highest goals—to reach the unreachable and share what they have to share. However, not all of these places have been fully traversed and immersed with. There are still, many, plenty, waiting for our help.

This is primarily the reason why Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses, Inc. (GMMN) existed. And that is to walk on less traveled roads, maybe miles and miles away, to visit and be with the community of indigenous or non-indigenous people who are in dire need of health, education, physical and spiritual help and support.

For one year and longer, nurse volunteers will be immersed in the selected community and work with the locales to conduct various activities and projects to maintain and support their health, physical and spiritual well being. They may coordinate with local government units and other private entities to hold free medical missions, such as consultations, free medicine supplies, dental check-up, circumcisions, and other feasible procedures.

This program will be initially implemented in the Philippines and ultimately in other countries worldwide. GMMN may also engage with missionary exchange program with other partner organizations worldwide. Funding support will be raised through direct solicitations, Internet promotions, funding agencies, and other possible ways and means.

  1. Marlou Lucas Gandia

    You’ve started an amazing ministry not only to nurses but to all potential ‘ministers’ of the gospel.

  2. Jordan-Van B. Matira

    God Bless this group

  3. my ministry is interested to be part of your organasation and to participate in all your future program of activities.

  4. Jocelyn C. Yazon

    How i prayed for such a ministry,in God’s perfct time and perfect plan,i wanted to be a part of it.TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lesley Andrada

    I want to be a part of your organization…

  6. Lesley Andrada

    can I join your org even though I’m not a registered nurse yet??

  7. Jaclyn Gay Agum

    Wow! another organisation for the Lord… Hope to be a part of this organization too…u If God’s will, I’ll be a part of this… God bless you always.

  8. rigel dingcong

    I’m very interested to be a part of this great ministry… God bless!

  9. tengku mustapha

    Could you consider a government pensioner and currently an offshore medic to do voluntary work in the Philippines/Indonesia/Pacific Islands.

  10. i want to do volunteer work for your org. i’ve seen the requirements but where do i submit it?

  11. Good day, I am very interested to be a part of your organization. I want to be a missionary nurse. Where should I pass the requirements? will wait for your reply. Thank you and Godbless!

  12. sherewin lemi ramos

    i want to join in this organization.How?

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