About Us

Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses Inc. is a non-denominational, non-stock, non-profit organization organized by young Filipino nurses who have the passion and calling in leading fellow nurses to helping people in rural and remote areas meeting their health and spiritual needs.


Extending free health care services globally, bringing hope and empowering lives.


Seeing people in a healthy-living community


(1)                To deliver free quality health care services in any part of the world;

(2)                to establish a safe community;

(3)                to develop psychosocial and spiritual aspects of human life; and

(4)                to uphold environmental welfare and protection.


Selfless, Dedicated, Loving, Reliable, Diverse

Corporate  Address:
  1. good work guys… sama ako sa susunod ha.. hartwell dalhin mo ko dyan..

  2. I love working with Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses! It is a blessing to be part of this growing health care organization!

  3. Hopefully you can share your experiences which can apply in Indonesia. On duty or off duty? GLU

  4. Praise God for the spiritual gift. let us use this for His glory!

  5. I am interested in joining God has laid this on my heart….nanaloriann@yahoo.com………..I have been an LPN for 30 years…….please help me………..God Bless

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