Nurses needed this 2013

Missionary Nurses

We are in need of missionary-minded nurses who are committed and compassionate to work in depressed areas of Palawan. This is under the Mission Field Batch IV. Training will start on February 24, 2013.

Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses (GMMN) is a group comprising of young Seventh Day Adventist nurses whose goal is to reach out with open arms and bring more smiles. We are not a big group, as you may expect. We are just a group of friends collaborating in wanting to make a difference.

Applicants for mission field must be:
– Filipino
– Has the spirit of altruism
– Willing to work under pressure and minimum allowance
– Flexible and willing to travel
– Must be active in church
– Must be physically and mentally fit
– Must be emotionally and spiritually equipped to face challenges
– etc.

GMMN is also in need of a Puerto Princesa based teacher (with or without license) willing to teach part time as an ALS teacher for the street kids.

If interested please contact Jaspere at +639152815100 or send your CV/resume along with you application letter to addressed to Harthwell C. Capistrano, BSN, RN.

Thank you! Hope to see you on the field soon.

For more info you can log in at or add us at our FB page “Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses”


About Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses

GMMN is a non-denominational, non-stock, non-profit corporation that is committed in helping people in rural and remote areas, creating hope and empowering lives. It is composed of professional nurses (in different areas and specialties) and nursing students in the Philippines and selected countries worldwide who devote their life in spreading the Word of God to every people of different race and nationality around the globe.

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