Bee Sting

By Charles Vincent Rosales RN

Missionary Nurse, Sagpangan, Aborlan Project

All peole will hate you because you follow me, but these people who keep their faith until the end will be saved Matt: 10:22

One morning as I was helping Ma’am Romy on watering the plants she gave me a piece of precaution. She said “Do not go on that area! There are some bees there and you might hurt yourself when they get distracted.” So I took her piece of advice but when I observed that almost all the area had been watered except to that area where Ma’am Romy prohibits, I took the risk of finishing the work on that area surprisingly while watering the plants I  felt that something has sting on my elbow ,pretending that there is nothing happened I ignore the pain and finished the job. After all the work is done I ask for my fellow missionary to help me managed my sting bite and we apply a charcoal poultice on it.

Worship time is ready and each of us shared their experiences. Ma’am Romy knew what happened to me and asked how my experienced was. Well honestly I’ve told them what I’ve learned, what do you think? Maybe you will tell me that I must learn to obey and follow some precautions that have been given. Sort of, I am expecting that. But what really is the lesson that I get to that experienced?

There will be a time that we, not just for a missionary but also as a Christian waiting for Christ return will experienced people who will sometimes sting us. Some will discourage our faith and tested our relationship with God. But this only implies how confident we are with God. Our key text tells us “all people will hate you because you follow Me, but those people who keep their faith until the end will be saved. If happened that we encounter some people that are said to the passages, whether it’s in the field or anywhere we go, quit worrying and do not be afraid. The Lord has reminded us “be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble…. For the Lord you God is the one who goes with you Deut 31: 6”

The water symbolizes the good news that we have right now and this water right now is in our hands, so the choices is ours and  as a nurse in this specific ministry for health this challenged have a great impact into our lives.

How is the bee sting in your life? Trust God because for every good and bad thing, God has an amazing plan not just for me but also for you because He loves you.

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