Palawan natives avail free medical services

Puerto Princesa, Palawan – For almost two days, 363 residents of Barangay Sagpangan in the municipality of Aborlan benefited from the free consultations, medicine supplies, dental check-up, tooth extraction, and circumcision.

Most of the recipients were Tagbanwas, natives of the said barangay, who could not be able to have themselves checked due to financial constraints. Out of the 363, 263 of them availed free check-up and medicine supplies, 69 underwent tooth extraction, and 31 had circumcision.

Upper respiratory tract infections were the top complaints of the patients, ranging from productive and dry cough, common colds, recurring fever, and among others.

Missionary nurses of GMMN were the front liners doing the assessments of the patients before they were being checked by the doctors, Dr. Pacifico Maypa Jr. (PAMC Surgeon) and Dr. Jerry Manuel (PAMC ER resident). Nurses also perform circumcision with Dr. Jerry’s supervision. Jaspere John E. Delos Reyes, Jeranni N. Abando, Efraim M. Ninalga were the three missionary nurses present, together with the officers of the GMMN, Alison R. Rivera, Harthwell C. Capistrano and Von Carlo L. Hechanova.

Mrs. Cynthia M. Faigao, health director of Palawan Adventist Mission, spearheaded the activity in cooperation with the Palawan Adventist Medical Center and Colleges with Mrs. Jacky Laplana, nurse health educator, Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses Inc., and the Adventist World Aviation Foundation. With combined forces of these organizations, the said activity held last May 13-14 was a success.

Outgoing Aborlan Mayor Celsa Adier was also present on the first day of the event, giving free snacks to the patients and the organizers.

About Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses

GMMN is a non-denominational, non-stock, non-profit corporation that is committed in helping people in rural and remote areas, creating hope and empowering lives. It is composed of professional nurses (in different areas and specialties) and nursing students in the Philippines and selected countries worldwide who devote their life in spreading the Word of God to every people of different race and nationality around the globe.

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