Youth Lead Camp 2010

Thousands of Adventist and non-Adventist youths attended this year’s Lead Camp held at the Adventist University of the Philippines, March 31-April 4, 2010, with emphasis on Leadership and Evangelism for Adventist Youth Development.

Asahel Catap, youth district leader of Area 3 (Tarlac and Pampanga), and Jeffrelton Pedro, from Laoag City, were among the thousand attendees in the said event. The two are members of the Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses, Inc. Also present was Harthwell C. Capistrano, program director of the Mission Field Project.

Different seminar lectures were held in various designated venues. Each day started with a morning devotional and closed with an evening devotional at the Philippine International Church.

Among the speakers were Pastor Jobbie Yabut, SSD Youth director, Pastor Arnel Gabin, and among others.


About Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses

GMMN is a non-denominational, non-stock, non-profit corporation that is committed in helping people in rural and remote areas, creating hope and empowering lives. It is composed of professional nurses (in different areas and specialties) and nursing students in the Philippines and selected countries worldwide who devote their life in spreading the Word of God to every people of different race and nationality around the globe.

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