Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses, Inc. (GMMN)

About Us

Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses is a non-stock, non-profit organization organized by young Filipino nurses who have the passion and calling in leading fellow nurses to helping people in rural and remote areas meeting their health and spiritual needs.


Since its conception, Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses has mobilized under God’s guidance based on Biblical Doctrines inscribed in the Holy Scriptures in sharing God’s love these days. It is committed to the development of character, honing of talents for the ministry, sharing on national and global scale of the message of God’s return, and dependence on God to promote and preserve observance of the Biblical Doctrines rooted in the Scriptures.


GMMN envisions in the next ten (10) years to: stand as an epitome of evangelistic and missionary endeavors; assist in the spiritual development of its members, affiants and support individuals as they begin or continue to engage in the ministry; increase its membership globally; initiate and/or conduct medical assistance and services in collaboration with other health care providers; spearhead and/or collaborate in congresses, conferences, assemblies, camp meetings and the like; provide sponsorships; establish community health units, foundations, and the like and; spread globally God’s message of His soon coming.

Executive Officers 2010

Alison R. Rivera, RN President

Harthwell C. Capistrano, RN Vice-President / Program Director, Mission Field

Von Carlo L. Hechanova, RN Secretary/Finance Officer

Billy G. Roman, RN Auditor

Ken O’Neal M. Guillen, RN Board Member

Je Mark Ocaya, RN Board Member

Program Consultants

Pastor Abraham Carpena, RN

Marlou L. Gandia, RN, RM, MHA, MAN,MGH, CEMT

Glenn M. Maypa, RN, MPH

Jacqueline Polancos, RN, MAN

Medical Advisors

Dr. Demetrio Lim Valle, Jr.

Dr. Licci Sabando

(Front Row, L-R) Harthwell Capistrano, Von Carlo L. Hechanova, Je Marc Ocaya (Back Row, L-R) Alison R. Rivera, Ken O' Neal Guillen. Not in the photo, Billy G. Roman

About Global Ministries of Missionary Nurses

GMMN is a non-denominational, non-stock, non-profit corporation that is committed in helping people in rural and remote areas, creating hope and empowering lives. It is composed of professional nurses (in different areas and specialties) and nursing students in the Philippines and selected countries worldwide who devote their life in spreading the Word of God to every people of different race and nationality around the globe.

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